July 22nd, 2013

This is a series of tweets about MasterChef TV show in Australia. Some of these tweets are about the show in general while others are about the latest episodes. These are from different fans of the show. Some are about  certain chefs appearing on the show while others are just about the show in general.


  1. This has been the best season of the show so far.Excellent format! #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  2. I have been watching the show since they first aired it and I think I would keep on watching it because I love cooking and I love eating! #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  3. They should have tried the current format of the show on earlier seasons. This is a lot more interesting than the ones they used before. #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  4.  Never thought that I would be using great and reality TV in the same sentence but MasterChef is great reality TV! LOL #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  5. It’s weird to see chefs making the same mistakes that I make when cooking.  #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  6. Samira got kicked off the show. She got eliminated because of her brioche, but I don’t think it was right to have her cook pork. #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  7. They allowed a Muslim to join the show. They shouldn’t have made her cook pork. Just saying. I might be wrong.  . #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  8. A lot of people have been saying that they shouldn’t have asked Samira to cook pork, but they forget that she agreed to that. #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  9. Drama on the show! David and Yvonne had some problems handling shellfish and toast. #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  10. Yvonne burns some toasts and puts her team into real trouble for the challenge. So chefs do burn toasts. #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  11. Jules Allen gets eliminated. Very tearful farewell. #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus
  12. It might just be me, but Jules Allen shouldn’t be too sad. Just being on the show itself makes her a winner already. . #MasterChef, @MasterChef_Aus

State of Origin 2013: Game 2

June 26th, 2013

These are tweets from people attending the State of Origin 2013: Game 2. The tweets are coming from fans of the two opposing teams so these are varied. They are providing comments about the progress of the game.


  1. Go Blues! We’re going to get the title this year for sure! #stateoforigin2013game2
  2. Excited for game 2. Am with my son. This is our first major sporting event together. Better if the Maroons beat the bloody hell out of Blues. #stateoforigin2013game2
  3. Perfect start for Queensland! We’ll just have to keep this up and this year is ours! #stateoforigin2013game2
  4. Cooper Cronk throws a short-ball to Sam Thaiday. Thaiday rams through Blues for the night’s first score! #stateoforigin2013game2
  5. Johnathan Thurston runs a clever dummy  to place  Maroons up 6-0 at the opening. What an opening! score! #stateoforigin2013game2
  6. State of Origin 2013 game 2 half time scores QLD 14 – 0 NSW. The Maroons is totally dominating the game. #stateoforigin2013game2
  7.  Halftime and the Blues still hasn’t scored. Not much fun watching this. #stateoforigin2013game2 #bluesfanblues
  8. Brawl erupting now.Trent Merrin rushed in throwing punches at Tate and now everyone’s going crazy! #stateoforigin2013game2, #stateofbrawl
  9. It’s a regular free-for all down there! Now that’s a game! #stateoforigin2013game2, #stateofbrawl
  10. I wish us fans could join in the brawl! #stateoforigin2013game2, #stateofbrawl
  11. Fourplayerssinbinned after brawl! By the sounds of the fans they might have a riot here soon! #stateoforigin2013game2
  12. Maroons dominate!Scoring 26 over Blues’ 6. #stateoforigin2013game2

My Wedding

May 18th, 2013

This is a series of tweets of a girl whose boyfriend proposed to her. She goes from surprise about her wedding to her frustrations about the wedding planning. The tweets would span a year from the period after the proposal right up to the wedding itself.


  1. I can’t believe this is real! Kevin proposed last night! It was so romantic! If this is a dream, don’t want to wake up! #mustbeadream, #soromantic
  2. It’s been days after the proposal yet I’m still in heaven. We have to start planning now. #stillinheaven, #weddingplans
  3. I’ll make sure that my dream wedding comes true! Kevin says he wants it for me. Feeling so loved! #dreamwedding
  4. We’re getting down the details of the wedding. We now have a date! I’m looking forward to being a wife! #weddingdate
  5. Mom says we should hire a wedding planner, but I don’t want to. This is my wedding and I want to make sure that I am the one who will plan it. #myownwedding
  6. So many details! I didn’t realize that a wedding could mean so much work. Still, I won’t hire a planner. I can do this!  #myownwedding
  7. I start asking for tips from my friends and I am learning a lot. Hopefully I could pull this off. I’ll have no one else to blame but myself. . #myownwedding
  8. Doing some research and I came across this site, which has excellent recommendations for ebooks on wedding planning. #weddingplanningbooks
  9. Been doing a lot of reading after I go several ebooks on wedding planning from Now I know what to do. #weddingplanningbooks
  10. No wonder I found the preparations so difficult. I’ve been doing it the wrong way. Now, I know better. #betterwedding
  11. I’m really good at planning my wedding. I could make a living out of this. #weddingplanning
  12. All done with the preparations! I just have to wait for the big day! #waitingforthe day
  13. This is it! Going to get married today! Love you guys! #gettingmarried

Tony Robbins Conference

April 15th, 2013


This is a series of tweets from several people about the conference by Tony Robbins that they are attending. They are tweeting about why they are attending the conference and what they hope to get out of it. Their enthusiasm for the conference and for Tony Robbins is also varied. Most are fans of his work while others are still sceptical.


  1. Will be attending a conference by Tony Robbins. I’m so excited and I know that I’ll be learning so much from him. #tonyrobbinsconference
  2. I’ve been a fan of Tony Robbins since I was in college. This is the first time that will be able to attend one of his conferences. #lookingforward, #tonyrobbinsconference
  3. Want to turn my life around. I hope Tony Robbins can help me out. #tonyrobbinsconference
  4. Heard about Tony Robbins from a friend. I don’t usually trust these self-help guys, but my friend convinced me to go with him to the conference. We’ll see. #tonyrobbinsconference
  5. I thought that Tony Robbins was charlatan especially after the negative reports about the fire walking came out, but I’ve changed my mind since then, after reading his book. #tonyrobbinsconference
  6. Here at the Tony Robbins conference now. So excited! #tonyrobbinsconference
  7. I hope to learn as much as I can from this conference. It’s about to start. #tonyrobbinsconference
  8. I was down and out then a friend a friend gave me a book by Tony Robbins. That empowered me and now I’m on the rebound! #tonyrobbinsconference
  9. I’m thankful to Tony Robbins for letting me awaken the Giant inside me! I want to learn more from him! #tonyrobbinsconference, #awakeningthegiant
  10. Friend convinced me to sign up for this conference. Didn’t want to but now I’ve changed my mind. Tony Robbins is something else. #tonyrobbinsconference
  11. Now I’ll be buying all of Tony Robbins’ books.  I’ve been missing a lot! #tonyrobbinsconference, #tonyrobinsbooks
  12. I learned a lot from Mr Robbins. I’m looking forward to reading his books and attending future conferences. #tonyrobbinsconference

Moving Homes

March 18th, 2013

This is a series of tweets of a girl who is about to move to a different house and she only has a week to do it. She’s confused as to what to do until a friend tells her about a website Oneflare that she found and she sets out using the site. She manages to use the site with very little problems.


  1. OMG! Got to move to a different house in one week! Need help fast! #gottomove
  2. Friend told me about this website called Oneflare. She said I could hire removalists there. Going to give it a shot. #gottomove #Oneflareremovalist
  3. At the site now. Seems easy to use, but we’ll see. #gottomove #Oneflareremovalist
  4. I’m all thumbs when it comes to the internet, but I seem to understand how the site works now. Clear instructions. #gottomove #Oneflareremovalist
  5. Here’s how it works: I describe what I need. They find the removalist. They give me quotes then I pick the removalist. #gottomove #Oneflareremovalist
  6. There! I’ve signed up and I’ve sent a request. Now I’ll just wait for the quotes. #gottomove #Oneflareremovalist
  7. Wow! That was fast. I just receive five quotes from five different removalistsfrom  Oneflare. Now I just pick which one. #gottomove #Oneflareremovalist
  8. Okay, I’ve made my choice. Oneflare says it will guarantee its recommendations so I should be okay right? #gottomove #Oneflareremovalist
  9. Waiting for the movers that I hired through Oneflare. I hope they come on time because I went to get through this as early as possible. #waitingformovers
  10. They’re here! They’re actually fifteen minutes early and they look very professional. Their van is more than enough for all my stuff. #movingnow
  11. I’m done moving! That was fast. It took me less time than I expected.  Thanks Oneflare, the guys you gave were great! #donemoving